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This project arose from the need to modernize existing offices and adapt them to new demands, seeking a contemporary and functional image.

The challenge was to transform an industrial warehouse into a unique space for manufacturing, exhibition, and offices.

The offices are located within one of the three production warehouses. The facade was designed to maximize natural light without compromising interior privacy. Carefully planned exterior lighting emphasizes the building’s presence.

Each section of the facade features a pronounced protrusion clad with corrugated steel sheets, creating a distinctive space in contrast to the other warehouses. Suspended linear LEDs highlight the facade surface.

The entrance consists of a glass door protected by a steel structure that conceals when open, welcoming visitors to a spacious lobby presided over by an olive tree.

A spectacular staircase with a vertical garden wall serves as a focal point and connects the two floors. A wall clad with walnut wood lattices provides access to the showroom.

In the lobby, a door integrated into the panel leads to the manufacturing area, where an employee cafeteria, bathrooms, dressing rooms, and a cleaning room are located.

Highlighted on the first floor is a corridor with windows to the outside and two glass-enclosed offices clad in laminated wood with stunning views. In the offices, which include small meeting rooms, a large window allows observation of the production.

The ceiling features a combination of central trays and perimeter closed with perforated plates for better acoustic conditioning.

Workstations are grouped into two sets with a central core that channels necessary facilities, including drawers, doors, and shelves.

At the end, a large conference room is established with a laminated wood table and swivel chairs, following the same style as the continuous flooring and ceiling.

The design adopts an industrial approach to architecture and interior design, creating a timeless and comfortable space that fosters productivity and employee well-being.


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