Luxury Villa

This magnificent newly built villa was quite a challenge due to the uniqueness of the terrain.

Located in a residential area next to a golf course, it stands out for its special design and layout, consisting of 2 floors and an annex for the garage and utility room.

The house creates a compositional rhythm where the predominant geometry on the floor is a rectangle. This rhythm at the top is determined by a succession of “solid” and “void” volumes that function to create private spaces, all with an interior garden courtyard featuring an impressive palm tree on a stone wall, connecting the two floors and providing excellent lighting to both floors.

Without visual barriers, but subtly differentiated, the kitchen, dining room, and living room areas coexist.

The main bathroom takes center stage in the bedroom, combined with dressing rooms, communicating in a functional and relaxing area.

Once again, hidden indirect lighting creates an environment especially conducive to comfort and relaxation.

An architecture without superfluous details where orientation, through its shape, structure, and materials, becomes crucial.

A perfect arrangement of spaces, the choice of specific materials together with the studied orientation, are the basic ingredients that make up this work full of order and balance. A way of inhabiting and combining intimate spaces with collective ones.

The clients wanted to avoid minimalism and opted for furniture and finishes that reflected the family’s personality.


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