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In our approach to office design, we strive to infuse personality and character into every project. We carefully consider the location, the type of work to be done, and the people involved to create work environments that inspire and enhance creativity.

We focus on aspects such as lighting, textures, materials, and the integration of natural elements to generate unique and stimulating spaces. From individual workspaces to common areas, we endeavor to design welcoming environments that foster collaboration and employee well-being.

The staircase becomes a unifying element between the two floors of work. We have carefully selected high-quality materials and designed every detail, combining them with meticulous lighting to create a harmonious and motivating atmosphere in every corner of the workspace.

This project focuses on the right side of the first floor of the main office building, covering an area of 360m2. It centers on three main objectives: becoming the epicenter of the company’s knowledge, linking training with strategy, and increasing engineer productivity. Therefore, the design is oriented towards flexibility, modularity, and adaptability.

We chose to expose the metal structures and sandwich panel ceilings to ensure an orderly arrangement of facilities and avoid thermal bridges. Natural light entry is maximized through a structural skylight with a white sheet.

Inside, we installed acoustic panels and luminaires specifically designed to create an inspiring environment, with a biophilic design that evokes nature.

Workspaces are organized in perimeter cubicles with glass and open wood crates to the central space, while operational positions are found in the latter, integrating tables as central columns.

PVC vinyl flooring is laid in slabs with different shades to add dynamism to the space. Services, storage, and changing rooms are located behind a parameter with a large mural that connects to the skylight, creating continuity between the interior and exterior.

The hierarchy of spaces has been designed to maximize exposure to sunlight while maintaining a clear understanding of the space’s dimensions.


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